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Posted: October 26, 2016

Check out this Halloween matching game: (link is external) The game is from this Canadian site that promotes safety and has other safety activities and information as well: (link is external)

Nigel Night Owl introduced us to the Letter N this week. Here is the link to the N Story Bot video: (link is external) We took a good look at the word "no" too: (link is external) We also discussed that owls are nocturnal animals - they hunt at night.

The Story Bots had lots of words that started with the /j/ sound! (link is external) We did not have any students with names starting with J, but we knew other NSEE J names - Jacob, Josephine, and Jeremy!  The Sesame Street crew have some names that star with J too: (link is external) We practiced making the letter J - both the upper case that stands on the line and the lower case that looks like a fish hook hanging in the water.  You will be able to see out paper Jack-O-lanterns when you come on Halloween.

Posted: October 20, 2016

Halloween is a great time to learn about the letter V! There was a cute vampire behind our door the children could read his speech bubble ...."I am a vampire". We read about bats and vampire bats. We found out they are not as scary as we thought! Can your child tell you how vampire bats get their food?  We found lots of other words that start with /v/ too. Grover has lots in this video: is external) Check out this V Video - a  volcano ! is external) And we can't forget the Story Bots: is external)

Check out the teeth on these vampire bat headbands - they are the letter V! Very cute!

Posted: October 18, 2016

Grade 1 has  been practicing skip counting by those tricky 2's. Here are some videos that will help with practice.


Posted: October 18, 2016

Kindergarten will be practicing making our numerals to 3. We are really good at counting that high but we like to take a break and watch these counting videos. The "Counting Crows": is external) The Clumsy Baker videos: is external) is external) is external)

Posted: October 18, 2016

Mrs. Hendry's W Wand could not help pointing to things in the classroom that started with the /w/ sound yesterday! It went to a whale, a walkie-talkie, water, a picture of a witch, Mr. Henderson's watch and a lego wagon! Wow! Our Zoophonics animal is Willie Weasel but since it is so close to Halloween we had to talk about Wanda Witch too! Check ou this video; did you notice the weasel? is external) The children laughed at the antics of the letter W with Kermit The Frog: is external) The Letter W was tricky getting away from the Detective. How did he get away? is external)

Posted: October 18, 2016

Kindergarten learned about the hard-working letter I! It makes 2 sounds - /i/ like in "Inny Inchworm" and /i/ like in "ice cream". I is also a word - we have been writing it and have it on our word wall now. You may enjoy watching these Ii clips with your child. How many /i/ sounding words can they remember? They may show you how smart they are by saying words with the /i/ sound in the middle. is external) is external) is external) is external)

Posted: October 18, 2016

We have been so busy since Thanskgiving that I have not been keeping up to date! Sorry! I'll catch up today!
Gordo Gorilla was hiding in the fancy G g bag! Ask your child what else was in there. Did they remember the the Groovy girl with the gold necklace? the garbage can? the guitar? glasses? Good for them! Check out the gorilla song that taught us interesting gorilla facts: is external) We also learned the word go and watched this video: is external) Don't feed them too many Gummy Bears or you may need to do this dance to wear it off!: is external) I also read them a few stories with a ghost - Halloween is coming!


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