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Posted: November 29, 2016

Wow - we are moving right along and the children are beginning to learn sight words and read leveled books!  They are doing a great job. Our sight word of the week last week was "am". There are lots of ways to keep reinforcing this at home. Some examples are writing it on paper, on the computer, in flour, etc. You can also spell it while clapping, stomping, jumping and so on.   This weeks sight word: "is". is external)   (Practice the word "is") is external)     (Practice the word "am")

Posted: November 24, 2016

We love Elephant and Piggie stories. We read a few extra because it is Ee day today. One of the stories was called Elephants Cannot Dance (but we found out Gerald actually can!). We had to take some time to go to Mo Willems site and do this dance game: Funny!

Posted: November 24, 2016

We have seen the letter e everywhere today! Our Zoophonics animal is Ellie Elephant so we read elephant information books and watched a few video clips to learn about these enormous animals. We wished we lived close to the zoo so we could ride on an elephant (like Mrs. Hendry and her granddaughter Annabelle did!). Here is the link for the E Story Bot song: is external) And Ellie's friend Eddie's egg song: is external) We stomped our feet and swung our "trunks" to this Hap Palmer Elephant song video. You may want to check it out with your child: is external)    

Posted: November 22, 2016

The Story Bots got us ready for the letter R r today. Here is an old Sesame Street R video: We watched this one since it has the words too:  Mrs. Hendry showed thechildren how to draw a rabbit but this may be a better way -

The children had fun with their wooden number bars, checking out which combinations would be the same length as a longer bar or finding which color combination would be the same length as another combination. This website has the virtual bars (also know as Cuisinaire rods) for some online fun. Can your child tell you the addition sentence? Maybe they can make their fingers match the colors? Hint: A white block is equal to 1, a red is 2...  The button at the bottom can turn the numbers on for you - try it both ways.

Did you know there really are Umbrella Birds?! Check out these videos: An actual Umbrella Bird: is external)  The Umbrella Bird song: is external)          We learned that the Letter U is a "Hard Worker" - it makes 2 sounds - the sound at the start of umbrella and its letter name. Hear them both when the Story Bots sing "Unstoppable U": is external)  Can you read some of these words: is external) 

Posted: November 17, 2016

Posted: November 10, 2016

Trenton and Skylar did a great job laying a wreath, representing our class today at the Remembrance Day Ceremony. We had great singers in the choir too!

Listen for all the /ch/ sounds in the words in this video!

On "Between The Lions" we found "Cliff Hanger and The Chuckling Chickens" - we had a chuckle too!

Of course we had to look at the spellings of words with ch at the beginning!  Check out this link for those:

Posted: November 9, 2016

How could I resist the classic Cookie Monster song! is external) and the Story Bots: is external) We practiced spelling cat and tomorrow we will watch this car video. is external) But be careful! we found out that C is a copycat letter! It copies Kayo Kangaroo's /k/ sound but it also copies Sammy Snake's /s/ sound! And it makes a different sound when it is with the letter h, in words like chair, check, cheek...can you think of more? Tricky!


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