Last Name First Name Email Grades Title
Black Jennifer Guidance First Nations Guidance
Downey Marcy On Ed Leave 2017-2018
Esty Melissa Methods and Resource Teacher
Gaudett Melanie Grade 1 Teacher (French Immersion)
Henderson Susan Grade 2 Teacher
Hendry Annette Kindergarten Teacher
Jardine Debbie Educational Assistant
Manderville Roberta Educational Assistant
McLean Kendra Grade 4
Mountain Melissa First Nations Numeracy Lead
Mullin Myrna Cafeteria Staff
Munn Corrie Educational Assistant
Murphy Pat Custodian II
Mutch Tanya Educational Assistant
Mutch Shayla Grade 5 Principal
Mutch Heather Grade 1 Teacher
Norton Holly Grade 5 Teacher
Roy-Nowlan Jeannie Custodian I
Ryder Gary Grade 6, Physical Education Teacher
Silliker Christine Physical Education, Methods and Resource Teacher
Stewart Kathy Educational Assistant
Sullivan Alison Grade 3 Teacher
Taylor Tish French/ Grade 5 Teacher
Underhill Diane Administrative Assistant
Ward Mary Jane First Nations Lead
Whitney Brenda Educational Assistant