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Posted: April 27, 2020

Meet 'Folf the Wolf'! CULTURE CHALLENGE: Learn all about ME!!

Posted: April 21, 2020

Hi Parents/Students, 

Due to technical difficulties, this weeks culture story can be found on Madam Whyte's teacher page. Thank you again for uploading the video Madam Whyte! 

*Reminder to students: Don't forget about the weekly culture challenges you can participate in :)

Posted: April 19, 2020

Culture - Week 3 of Home Learning

Culture Challenge:

*Have someone at home take a picture or video of you researching, practicing, and partaking in the Culture Challenge each week and send it to Ms. Mountain via email, text, or messenger to be featured on her teacher page! Congrats to Mya Augustine who was the first (and only) student to send her picture in last week :) 

Visit the weblink to the Mi'gmaq Mi'kmaq Micmac Online Talking Dictionary and explore what the following words in English sound like in Mi'kmaq. Type the word in the top corner in English and it will re-direct you to another page. Click the word after being re-directed and it will show you: the pronunciation guide with recordings to listen to and hear what the word sounds like in Mi'kmaq, along with; the part of speech, translation, meanings, example of the word in a sentence, and a cross-reference to another language. 

Words to explore:

  • thank you (can you remember? check to see if you are right!)
  • welcome
  • smudging
  • feast
  • family

Here is an easy craft with numbers 0 to 5. Students can use bingo dabbers, glue macoroni or cheerios or other small food items, or simlply color each number. These are also good for finger tracing if there are younger children at home. 

PDF icon numbers05freecrafttemplates.pdf267.32 KB

Posted: April 16, 2020

Challenge yourself this week & share it with Ms. Mountain via email, text, or messenger. I look forward to recieving more pictures of you all!

Watch the video recording of: 'Grandmother, tell us about the feast.', read by Ms. Mountain. 

After listening to the story, you can share answers to the questions below with someone in your family:

  • Did you have a feast during this past Easter weekend?
  • What are some of your favourite traditional foods to eat at Easter?
  • What other traditions do you and your family do at Easter? 


For students in Grades 3-6, research the topic: "smudging". 

If you choose to take part in the weekly Culture challenges, please have someone at home take a picture of you researching and send it off to Ms. Mountain via text, email, or messenger. Share your research with this person also. 

I hope everyone had a safe & enjoyable Easter weekend with their families! 

Posted: April 6, 2020

O' Canada in Mik'maq & English (Video)

This is the version of O'Canada we use at NSEE :) 

*Challenge: After the National anthem is completed, pause the video at our National flag and repeat our pledge:

Emblem of liberty,

Truth and justice,

Flag of my country,

To thee I bow. 

Here is an O'Canada Mik'maq audio version. Go to page 3 of the at-home learning sugguestions document for this week and find the O'Kanata lyrics, pronunciation, and translation of some words from Mik'maq to English. This is a great opportunity to learn all the words in Mik'maq :)

Welcome to the first week of at home learning! Here are a few at-home Learning suggestions for the week of: April 6th to April 9th, 2020. These are activities and lessons your child may complete independently or with members of the family. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like additional First Nation and/or  Culture resources for your children, please do not hesitate to contact me through email: or directly by phone at: (506) 457-8950. Thank you! I hope everyone is staying safe. I miss all my students and their beautiful faces! I will be in contact with some students this week. I look forward to hearing their voices again! Take care everyone!

P.S - Kindergarten Math for Mrs. Girouard's K's will be found on Mrs. Girouard's teacher page :)

Students in Mrs. Mutch's Kindergarten have been learning about The Seven Sacred Teachings during Culture class. So far students have learned three teachings: Love (Johnny Eagle), Courage (Catcha Bear), and Wisdom (Bucky Beaver). In the future, we will learn about the other four teachings:...


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