Weekly Home Learning Week of May 4

Posted: May 3, 2020

Hello Friends!

Glad to see you here checking out new ideas for learning this week! I hope you find something to catch your interest. Reflex Math is missing you all... How about going on this week and racking up some facts? Also, keep up the great work on Raz! Remember that Tuesday is Pickup Day for your things, and that should be nice to get. I bet you want those sneakers! 

Keep moving your bodies, getting outside, and running around. Build things, chase things, ride a bike, go on your scooter, practice pitching, catching ,or dribbling, skipping and running. Or just explore a field. Sit under a tree and listen to the wind or beside a shore and listen to the waves.

I miss you all and really enjoy speaking with you each week.

Take care,

Mrs. Sully