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Posted: April 6, 2020


Hello Grade 5! I hope you are all doing well. I miss seeing all your faces and hearing your voices, stories and laughs!  Every Monday, I will put some ideas on here to help you to continue on with your learning.


Grade 5 Reading Goal - 30 minutes a day!Find something you like to read- a book, a magazine, a How-To Manual or do some online reading about something that interests you.


 *Please see Mrs. Mutch’s Teacher Page for Math.A drawing activity is on there too so be sure to check it out!


* Miss Downey’s Teacher Page has some Wellness Activities!Image result for Stay active


* Miss Mountain’s Teacher Page has First Nations Learning. Enjoy!


Here are some Literacy Ideas for the week to continue with our Mystery Unit. Go ahead and choose what you would like to do!


Some Creative Writing Prompts: Image result for mystery images


1. You wake up to find a sticky or post-it note stuck to your forehead. This note has a clue that leads you to another clue somewhere in your house. Your family claim they know nothing about it but they decide they will help you solve the mystery. One clue leads to another. Where will it all end?


2. Someone has been stealing away the puppies from your town at night. You and a team of investigators (concerned people from the neighborhood and your friends) have decided to figure out the crime when the police couldn't. What do you do and how do you solve it?


Word-Work Activities:


1.    Using the letters in the word ‘investigate’, challenge yourself to see how many other words can you make? You could set a timer of 10 minutes. Is there someone at home that can take on this challenge with you? (All words need at least 2 letters).


2.    What does the word ‘investigate’ mean? Write a meaning or draw a picture to show the meaning of the word. Write 2 sentences using the word ‘investigate’. Reread your definition and sentences. Ask yourself “Do they make sense?” Read them to someone at home or a pet!


Online Activities:


Spy Kids - Central Intelligence Agency


 Lots of information, Stories, Games & find out about their ‘Spy Dogs’!  -Lots of Mystery Reading!


Have fun learning! Take care! Adorably cute animals huggingMrs. Taylor