Holland Project

Posted: April 23, 2009

We had Holland teachers come to see us last week. They are our Holland pen pals teachers.  They were really nice, they gave us candies and cookies and we got little key chain wooden dutch shoes. We got to see a power point that the tech teacher made for us. We learned lots about Holland and about there wind mills. We had the dutch teachers and some of the people that work at district 16 too come and see Ethan's power point on Native culture. His power point was really good. We even got a song to sing and we tried to sing it in Dutch. We were pretty good at singing it in Dutch. They gave us sunflower seeds to try to grow and whoever grows the biggest and best looking sunflower the dutch teachers will send us a prize. All we have to do is send them a picture in the mail or send the picture by email. We even got to talk and see our Holland friends on Skype. My partner is Dani. She is really nice, we email them a lot. Hopefully we will get to see the Holland teachers again and I hope they will come back to Canada because they were great to have at our school  By: Mikayla