Grade 5 Math Home Learning Week 2 Day 9

Posted: November 12, 2021


10 Minutes- Warm up & Mental math:

Every Day:

Review Multiplication & Division Facts.  Some suggestions…

 -play games on

-use ipad app

-flash cards

-use a deck of cards (just flip over 2 cards and multiply them)

- roll a set of dice and multiply them. 

- use your Multiplication Strips sheet and dry erase marker that I sent home to practice

- Get an adult to create 12 questions to solve


20 Minutes- Lesson:  (The following work is in this week’s package)

 1.Multipying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000

   Do Sheet 7


   Do sheet 6.  Don’t forget to regroup if needed


Some more practice…


20 Minutes- Dreambox: 

Students can work on their Dreambox Math program.  I sent home their username and passwords on the sheet last week. 

 This program advances students at their own level.  Please do not help them with any question. J



A Bit of Fun:

Here is a fun game to play too…