Halloween @ NSEE

Posted: October 15, 2020

Dear Parents,

Although we have to do things a bit differently this year, we still plan on having a Halloween party at NSEE on Thursday, October 29th. 

A Halloween Parade will be held for all students and staff beginning at 8:45.  Unfortunately, parents and guests are not allowed to attend this year.  But don’t worry, we are going to video it and post it to our Facebook and webpage for you to watch.

Students are encouraged to dress for Halloween on this date. Please make sure that students have a costume they are able to move around in freely, can remove themselves and is easy to transport home. 

Students will be required to wear masks during the parade as they will be walking past other students sitting with their classroom bubble throughout the school. 

Students will be asked to remove their costumes by morning recess.  Please pack extra clothes to change into, proper footwear, and a jacket.

Just a reminder that NSEE is a “Nut-Safe” school!  If you are sending in treats, the teacher will be the one handing out treats following our Covid protocols.

Remember to check the snacks that are packed for recess and/or lunch after Halloween is over!