NSEE CrossFit

Warm Up- Ghosts, Goblins and Critters

Skill- Push Ups, Planks and Air Squats

WOD- Air Squat Sally

Warm Up - Ghosts, Goblins and Critters

Skills-  Handstand Push Up Progressions

WOD-  EMOM 8 Minutes

           3 Burpees

           6 Squats

           9 Push Presses

           (if you finish sprint 20m)

 Warm Up- Skip Agility Drills

 Skill- Balance

 WOD- 5 Push Ups         5 ROUNDS FOR TIME

                                    10 x 20m Run

                                    15 Sit Ups

                                    20 AirSquats

                                    25 Mountain Climbers

                                    30 Skips


Warm Up- Med Ball Slams


                Sumo Deadlifts

Skill Review

WOD- Bring the Noise  8 Minute AMRAP

                              1 Wall Climb

                              20 Meter Sumo Deadlift (Mat Flip)

                              10 Sit Ups

                              20 Meter Sumo Deadlift (Mat Flip)

Warm Up- Group Movement

Skills- Pistol Progressions

          Double Unders

WOD- Crazy 8's AMRAP 8

          8 Push Ups, 8 Sit Ups, 8 Skips or Double Unders and 8 Box Jumps

Warm Up- Montain Climber/ Run Ladder (5/2)  5 Minutes

Skill- Front Squats (Elbows Up!)

WOD- 15,12,9,6,3 of Front Squats and Push Ups with a 50m Run after each completed round

Hand-Eye Coordination Challenges With Bean Bags 

Warm Up- Everyone is It (10 Jumping Jacks if tagged.)

WOD-  Burpee Long Jumps

            5 Minutes to attempt as few Burpee long jumps as possible across the gym.

            Least Number = Best Score



Warm Up- 5 Minutes

Run, High Knees, Bearcrawls, Inch Worms, Air Squats Etc.

Skill-  Superman/Hollow Positions (Holds for Practice)

WOD-  EMOM 7 Rounds 1 Lap (50m Sprint) 2 Burpees, 3 Push Ups, 4 Sit Ups, 5 Air Squats

Warm Up-  Burpee/Run Ladder

Skills-  Wall Climbs

WOD-  2 Wall Climbs

            4 Air Squats

            6 Sit Ups  5 Minute AMRAP

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