NSEE CrossFit

Warm Up/WOD-  10 Minute Time Cap

You must take 10 Free Throws (If you make it you take another) After each miss you must complete

6 Burpees and Run from Baseline to Baseline 6 times before you take your next Free Throw.

Warm Up-  Basketball Dribbling with Movement Skills

Skills-  OHS and Push Press (10 and 10 for 5 Minutes with a Crossover Lap after each round.)

WOD- 5 Wall Balls

          6 OHL

          7 OHS

          8 Sit Ups  AMRAP 6 Minutes 

Warm Up- Movement with Basketball Skills

                Monkey Walks, OHL, OHS, Wall Balls

Skills-  Wall Climbs and Superman/Hollow Rolls

WOD- In Partners Complete AMRAP in 10 Minutes

4 Burpees


4 Run

4 Push Ups

Partner will hold a plank while the other student completes each exercise.

12 Minute AMRAP

10 Tire Agility

        10 Med Ball Slams

                           10 Push Ups

                           10 Burpees

                           10 Wall Balls

                            Walking Lunge between each

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Warm Up- 5 Minutes

                5 Push Ups

                10 Air Squats

                                          15 Skips/ Double Unders

WOD- 6 Minute AMRAP

          2 Push Ups

          2 Sit Ups

          2 Long Jumps

          2 Burpees

          2 Run   

Warm Up- 30/30 Movement

Game- Hungry Hippo

PR Day!- Partner Up and set your 1 minute PR!

Warm Up- Agility/ Movement

Skill- Athletic Stance,Quick, Powerful Starts, Sprints

                         WOD-  5 Air Squats

                                                      5 Burpees

                                                      5 Push Ups

                                                      1 Sprint

Warm Up- Ghosts, Goblins and Critters

Skill- Push Ups, Planks and Air Squats

WOD- Air Squat Sally

Warm Up - Ghosts, Goblins and Critters

Skills-  Handstand Push Up Progressions

WOD-  EMOM 8 Minutes

           3 Burpees

           6 Squats

           9 Push Presses

           (if you finish sprint 20m)

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