NSEE CrossFit





5 Burpees over Bench

5 Dips

5 Push Ups

5 Laps

   Warm Up-  Mountain Climber/ Run Ladder

  WOD- Wall Ball Relay with Med Ball Slams and Med Ball Carry

Warm Up- Basic Movement Skills

WOD- 1 Burpee, 1 Push Up, 1 Jumping Jack, 1 Sit Up, 1 Handstand

AMRAP 6 Minutes

Warm Up- Basketball/Wall Balls

Skills- Frog Stand/ Handstand Kick Up

WOD- Run, Mountain Climbers,Run, Air Squat, Run, Sit Ups, Run, Push Ups, EMOM 3 Burpees

Skills- Press and Push Press

WOD-30/30- Skipping and Planks for 8 Minutes (Score is your total skips)


Skills- Dips/Wall Squats

WOD- 15 Minute AMRAP


Run 2

Burpees 4

Air Squat 6

Sit Up 8

Wall Balls 6

Baskets 4

Inch Worm Push Ups 2

Skills- Sit Up Get Up

          Double Unders 

WOD- CrossFit Baseball 7 Minute AMRAP

1 Forward Roll, 5 Box Jumps, 5 Push Ups, 5 Burpees


Warm Up/WOD-  10 Minute Time Cap

You must take 10 Free Throws (If you make it you take another) After each miss you must complete

6 Burpees and Run from Baseline to Baseline 6 times before you take your next Free Throw.

Warm Up-  Basketball Dribbling with Movement Skills

Skills-  OHS and Push Press (10 and 10 for 5 Minutes with a Crossover Lap after each round.)

WOD- 5 Wall Balls

          6 OHL

          7 OHS

          8 Sit Ups  AMRAP 6 Minutes 

Warm Up- Movement with Basketball Skills

                Monkey Walks, OHL, OHS, Wall Balls

Skills-  Wall Climbs and Superman/Hollow Rolls

WOD- In Partners Complete AMRAP in 10 Minutes

4 Burpees


4 Run

4 Push Ups

Partner will hold a plank while the other student completes each exercise.

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