NSEE CrossFit

12 Minute AMRAP

10 Burpees

10 Pistols

10 Knee Raises

Run 250m


1 km Run

100 Push Ups

200 Sit Ups

                            300 Squats

                            1 km Run

Students will have a scaled version offered as well. 

EMOM 10 Minutes

5 Burpees/10 Sit Ups/ 15 Air Squats

Skill- HSPU

Warm Up- Everyone is It! 5 Air Squats if tagged.

WOD- 5 Minute AMRAP

           Burpee/ Run  Ladder

WOD- Stations- 5 Wall Balls, 5 Walk the Planks, 5 Sit Ups/. 4 Burpees, Run 4/. Target Push, Push Ups/ RWC, Double Unders/ Ball Toss with a slide step

  Partner WOD 5 Minute AMRAP- Pistols/Run    

8 Minute AMRAP

25 Walking Lunges

20 Air Squats

15 Sit Ups

10 HR Push Ups

                      5 RWC

Outdoor Workout

The weather is finally nice enough to get outside!!!

Skill- Pull Up, Kipping Progressions

20 Minute AMRAP - Run 100m

                                5 Monkey Hangs, Jumping Pull Ups, Strict Pull Ups (Various Progressions)

                                                      2 Apparatus Climbs

                                                      10 Tire Flips (Sumo Deadlifts)

                                                      10 Double Unders (Try to get them.  If you can't switch to 3x singles)

AMRAP 10 Minutes

5 Squat Cleans


5 Laps=250 m

Skill- TGU's

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