Week 9: Kindergarten Home Learning

Posted: May 31, 2020

Hey there! Thanks for stopping in for week nine of our Home Learning! I hope you are all having fun with the activities. I can't wait to talk to you all this week! Don’t forget to check out Ms. Mountain’s teacher page for this week’s culture lesson and get well with Mrs. Downey by participating in all the fun suggestions she has in store for you.

    Please find the following documents attached.

  • “Kindergarten Choice Board”
  • “Phonological Awareness Activities”

Feel like getting creative and musical at the same time? I suggest playing a concert for your family but first you must make your instrument! Use recycled materials like boxes, bottles, rubber bands and string to make an instrument and then show off your musical talents!

Also, don't forget that I will award you 500 Bonus Stars on www.kidsa-z.com if you record yourself reading. I love hearing you read! It makes my day :). We also have many math brain buster questions waiting to be answered by you on www.iknowit.com so hop on and show us those math skills!