Week 6: Grade 1 Home Learning

Posted: May 10, 2020

Welcome to week 6 of our Home Learning! Although I miss you all very much, it was such a treat to see many of you last Tuesday! As always, do not forget to check out Ms. Mountain’s page for your weekly Culture lesson and to boogie on over to Ms. Downey’s page for some Wellness activities.

Something new this week! You can now visit the website: www.iknowit.com to answer weekly brain buster math questions. Please see the attachment below for instructions to access the website. Your child’s login is their name and I will send each parent their child’s numeric password.

Please find the following documents attached:

  • “Grade 1 Home Learning Choice Board”
  • “Sight Word Choice Menu”
  • “Grade 1 Word Wall List”
  • “Friendly Letter Outline”
  • “Number of the Day”
  • “Math Activity Options Menu”
  • “I Know It Login Information”

When we were in class together, we always made a tree craft to represent each season (you may have seen this in your child’s Special Day Binder).  Perhaps you and your child are interested in creating a Spring tree. Check out this easy to follow video to find out how!